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Waveclock is a beat tracker with soul!

Waveclock converts music to MIDI Clock real-time, tracking music similarly as humans do. It is based on psychoacoustically motivated algorithm by Anssi Klapuri &AL. It listens to any audio input and produces MIDI clock. Unlike anything out there, it is capable of maintaining tight phase accuracy in relation to the input signal, making it very well suited for real-time visual applications.


  • Turns music into MIDI Clock as it plays.
  • Compatible with tons of software and hardware. (Anything with MIDI Beat Clock input)
  • a Snail-Rabbit switch to optimize between slow, medium or fast music
  • Silence detection feature that stops ticking when no music is present.
  • NEW!! Anti-latency compensation
  • NEW!! Improved analysis accuracy for modern bass heavy genres such as Trap
Waveclock comic


Wavetick is capable of everything Waveclock does, but it also includes BBA analysis (Bar, Beat, Atom). BBA is transmitted as MIDI note and controller messages.

There is no 3rd party software support that we would have heard yet, but we've developed bunch of Modul8 modules for Music Mapping and DMX lighting control that are sold separately.

Wavetick comic


  • Midi Clock output
  • BBA trigger Output as Note events
  • Phase output for Bar and Beat as Continous Controller events.
  • Has a switch to optimize for slow, medium or fast music
  • Pluggable to Modul8 with the Module packs.

Wavetick Studio

Wavetick Studio is the geekiest contraption we have built (at least since Wavemid :). It allows cooking up wide variety of control data from BBA. It is rather expensive so you probably don't want to buy it. Recently I've spent a lot of time explaining what it does why it exists. WTS is like a racecar. It's expensive, kinda ugly and your bottocks hurt every time you hit a bump. You don't care though because it goes like sting. We mostly use it internally with Wavelabel artists but if you have deep pockets and want it bad, feel free to contact us.


  • All Wavetick features plus:
  • 16 Programmable scenes
  • Step Efektors, Curve Efektors, Funktion Efektors, Init Efektors
  • Save and load projects
  • More to come
  • Wavetick tech comic

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