Getting(hacking) Wavetick on Windows environment

In this post I will cover what you will need to do to utilize <a href jne> Wavetick on Windows.

The configuration is a bit tricky since currently Wavetick is Mac-only.

This is what you will need:


1) a mac running wavetick, to analyze music and transmit it over networking.

2) a Windows machine where you will install Bonjour drivers and rtpMIDI to connect to the MIDI network.

For best performance, use a wired network connection. Wifi is okayish too if the reception is fine.


We cover the Windows setup first:

1) Install bonjour

2) Install rtpMIDI and run it.

3) Create a session (pic)

You’re set!


On the MAC, I assume you have Wavetick installed and sending data to the internal IAC bus. If you need help with this, look <linkki WAVETICK101> here.

What’s left for us to do is to forward Wavetick data over the Network.

1) Pop open the <pic hoverilla?> Audio Midi Settings.

2) Window -> Show MIDI window.

3) Under directory, you should see the Windows machine’s name select it and click connect.

4) From Live routings, select IAC bus to be routed to the network.  <pic>


If everything went fine, you should be receiving Wavetick within Windows.

You can join as many Windows and Mac machines to the network as you want! This is quite powerful for collaborations. The machine closest to the stage can do the music analysis and everyone gets the <link> BBT.


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